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announcement of 
marie ho memorial scholarship 2020 awardees

CHEN Anyi 陳峖亦

CHEN Kam Kin 陳錦健

CHEN Luohuisheng 陳羅慧升

CHOW Kung Chi Aron 周恭志

HUI Hoi Lam 許海琳

HUNG Ka Yeung 洪嘉揚

KE Yumeng 柯雨萌

LEE Lok Yu 李樂瑜

NG Yuen Ting Julia 吳苑霆

WONG Ho Yin Michael 黃浩然

WONG Jing Yi 黃偵眙

YIP Chun Kit 葉進傑

ZHOU Xintong 周欣桐

In recognition of the social awareness reflected in this interdisciplinary project the cellists from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts have done during this difficult time amid the pandemic, these 13 cellists have been selected by the Hong Kong International Cello Association for the Marie Ho Memorial Scholarship 2020. 
publicity of Ensemble class concert (Nov
cello ensemble
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